Boat Racks

Free Standing/Portable, Rolling, and Permanent

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, our boat racks help teams optimize their boatyard space. Our racks are made of of aircraft grade aluminum, double hollow extrusions when needed (aluminum extrusions as strong as steel) and are offered in bare aluminum or custom color powder coated finishes.

Free Standing/Portable Racks

Double-Sided 4 High Portable Rack

(Stores boats of all sizes, 3 racks recommended for long-term storage of 8+s)

Double-Sided 4 High Portable Rack

(Stores 2x/- and 1xs)

Single-Sided 4 High Rack

(Stores boats of all sizes, 3 racks recommended for long-term storage of 8+s)

Single-Sided 5 High Portable Rack

(Stores 2x/-s and 1xs)

Rolling Racks

Single-Sided Four High Rolling Rack

(Stores 4+s/4xs and smaller)

Single-Sided 5 High Rolling Rack

(Stores 2x/-s and 1xs)

Double-Sided 4 High Rolling Rack

(Stores 4+s/4xs and smaller)

Double-Sided 5 High Rolling Rack

(Stores 2x/-s and 1xs)

Permanent Racks

Indoor Rack for 4+s and 8+s

Indoor Racks for 1xs and 2xs

Sliding Arms


Oar Racks– Vertical and Horizontal

RowAmerica oar racks hold the maximum number of oars in the least amount of space possible while maintaining accessibility. 

Our oar cassettes can be made for sweep or sculling oars and are available in 3 different lengths. They can be wall mounted, or mounted to free standing uprights.

RowAmerica Oar Cassettes and Free Standing Rack

Our horizontal oar racks can be fixed to the wall, fixed to the ground, or put on castors for easy movement (racks on castors shown below).

Single Sided Rolling Oar Rack

Sling Caddies, Low Boys, and Rigger Racks

We offer one and two-tiered sling caddies to help keep slings off of the floor, neat and organized. Our one tier sling caddy holds up to 12 slings, while our double high caddy can hold up to 24.

Two-Tiered Sling Caddy

(Holds up to 24 Slings)

Tired of piles of riggers in the back of your boat bay? Our one-tiered or two-tiered rigger racks offer the perfect solution.

Rigger Rack

Dock Oar Rack

Our dock oar rack allows teams to neatly store their oars when landing and launching. Keeping oars off of the dock reduces tripping hazards, especially during busy practice times.

Don’t see the rack type you’re looking for? Please write us with your idea, and we’ll see if we can build it.

To request a quote or learn more:

Please contact us at, Kate (609) 221 1561, or Juergen (475) 350-6018


    RowAmerica was founded in 2003 to better serve, support, promote, and expand the sport of rowing. The company owns and operates RowAmerica Boat Clubs, manufactures RowAmerica Lifetime Dock Systems, and builds coaching launches as well as indoor and outdoor boat racks. RowAmerica also offers full rowing boat hull refurbishments at its 50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Bridgeport, CT.

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