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Building a great boat comes down to three core fundamentals: time-honored design, premium materials, and construction standardization. Every shell we build capitalizes on these elements to deliver a balance of resilience and hydrodynamic efficiency, resulting in an exceptional rowing experience year after year.


WinTech Racing understands that no single purchase is more important to a rower or rowing organization than buying a racing shell. WinTech Racing’s mission is to promote the growth of rowing by making it easier and more affordable to buy quality shells that improve performance at all levels.
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kingsKing Racing

Graeme King was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1947. He became fascinated with boats at the early age of five while watching a news reel of an eight oared shell race. He went home immediately and built his first model of a rowing shell. This first effort would mark the beginning of a long and illustrious career as one of the most decorated and credible rowing shell designers in the world.
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Founded in 2003, RowAmerica was formed in order to better serve, support, promote, and expand the sport of rowing. RowAmerica owns and operates RowAmerica BoatClubs nationally, manufactures and provides boats for sale and lease under the Wintech Racing and King Racing brands, and repairs and services boats of any make and model at its RowAmerica Boat Repair facility.

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