Mar 29, 2016

RowAmerica Announces Partnership with Peachtree City Rowing Club

RowAmerica is pleased to announce its partnership with Peachtree City Rowing Club. The partnership will bring rowing to Peachtree City, GA, under the nam
e of RowAmerica Peachtree. A Grand Opening celebration is slated for July, 2016.

“We will be recruiting world-class coaches and providing top-level equipment to deliver the best possible rowing experience for this new location,” says Howard Winklevoss,founder of RowAmerica. “We are excited to bring the sport of rowing to Peachtree City and explore opportunities to bring regional and national rowing events to Lake Macintosh.”

Peachtree City’s Lake McintoRA Peachtree-04-3sh, located approximately 45 miles south of Atlanta, is an ideal venue for year-round rowing and paddling programs and racing. There will be programs for middle school and high school students during the school year, and both recreational and competitive classes for adults. Summer programs will also be offered through the Fayette County Parks & Recreation Department.

The Fayette County Board of Commissioners have committed to the proposed rowing venue by approving funds to provide basic infrastructure to the lake site. “Partnering with Fayette County is an important step in establishing rowing in our area,” says Megan Gradek, Peachtree City’s Rowing Club Executive Board member. “Our desire is to bring rowing to the community because we love it,” she said. “We want our children to row. This community has the natural resources to be able to do it.”

“RowAmerica has had great success in transforming juniors and enabling them to realize their true potential as athletes, and our coaching staff will embrace this challenge wholeheartedly,” says Dave Dickison, president of RowAmerica Clubs. “The sport of rowing offers many opportunities for collegiate scholarships, but athletes must be adequately prepared to meet the challenge of highly competitive NCAA-level athletics.”

RowAmerica owns and operates RowAmerica Boat Clubs in multiple locations: Saugatuck Rowing Club (CT), RowAmerica Rye (NY), RowAmerica Hamilton (OH), RowAmerica Manchester (NH), RowAmerica St. Charles (IL), RowAmerica Greenwich (CT), and RowAmerica North Little Rock (AR), with four new sites planned for 2016. In addition, it distributes and provides boats for sale and lease under the Wintech Racing and King Racing brands, provides repair services for boats of any make and model under the RowAmerica Boat Repair division, and designs and builds rowing docks and racks under its RowAmerica Manufacturing division. The organization also provides rowing clothing (including rowing-safety clothing), merchandise, and tools for the rowing community through its Scull & Sweep e-commerce platform.

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Founded in 2003, RowAmerica was formed in order to better serve, support, promote, and expand the sport of rowing. RowAmerica owns and operates RowAmerica BoatClubs nationally, manufactures and provides boats for sale and lease under the Wintech Racing and King Racing brands, and repairs and services boats of any make and model at its RowAmerica Boat Repair facility.

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